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Four Head Liner Weigher (XF-C4)

Model: XF-C4


The four head liner weigher is not only equipped with vertical, horizontal engine as automatic packaging machines, but also with base as the semi automatic weighing machine, which is flexible. Without gas supply can avoid oil contamination. Hopper door is driven by step motor, and its speed and angle is adjustable, which can be used for different materials.


1. Four head weighing machine protection class up to IP55. Zero dead and modular design. Daily cleaning is extremely convenient.
2. The four head liner weigher adopts SUS304 stainless steel material, and its contact part use mirror processing to meet the high quality requirements.
3. All units can be quickly dismantling, packaging, transportation, maintenance and replacement.
4. Friendly interface like a key method of operation. All operating parameters are automatically tracking correction.

Parameters of Four Head Liner Weigher

Weighing method
Weighing type
Weighing range
10 to 1800cc
Display of four head weighing machine
1/1000 F.S. 2σ
≤25 bags/min (according to different product)
Powder supply
220 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
300 W
Storage capacity
About 22 L
About 100 kg
Dimension (L × W × H)
520 × 630 × 1750 (mm)