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Big Bag Liquid Packing Machine (XFL-Y600)

Model: XFL-Y600


XFLY600 big bag liquid packing machine is widely used for many materials. The length can be adjusted, and several different specification machines can be equipped in terms of packing specification and weight of the bag.


XFLY600 big bag liquid packing machine is the ideal choice for packing foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industry, such as sweetened bean paste, lotus paste, fruit jam, Chinese watermelon jam, peanut butter, Chili sauce, salad sauce, cheese, peanut oil, soy sauce, wine, mineral water, liquid and Non-food detergent, grease.


1. Control part adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC Program logic system, which has stable performance and self-checking function.
2. Running pumping adopts imported 316 mirror pipe, which benefits fillings conveyor. The pipe connection uses field joints, which is easy-clean and quick dismounting.
3. XFL-Y600 big bag liquid packing machine is controlled by PLC with human-machine interface display, which is easy to operate and maintain. It also has advanced functions like automatic stop, alarm signal.
4. Piston pump filling system of automatic liquid packaging machine cannot rotate, squeeze, damage, or color fillings.
5. Advanced control program thorough long term test can reduce the packing weight error to six per thousand, which much less than standard weight error of national regulation.

Technical Parameters of XFL-Y600 Big Bag Liquid Packing Machine

Bag width
100 to 280mm
100 to 300mm
Bag length
150 to 480mm
150 to 600mm
Film width
220 to 590mm
220 to 650mm
Packing material
packing capacity
4 to 10bags/min
Packing volume
Making type
Back seal
Power supply
AC, 380V50Hz/60Hz
4.5 kW
Air pressure
0.6 to 0.8 Mpa, 0.006 m3/min
Dimension (L × W × H)
1350 mm × 980 mm × 1980 mm
1350 mm × 1080 mm × 2150 mm
980 kg
1080 kg

Packing Samples of Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine

Outline of Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine