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Automatic Vacuum Conveyor (XF-V)

Model: XF-V


Our automatic vacuum conveyor is newly developed after studying and digesting the similar equipment in the market. It is the best choice for powdery, grainy or mixed products’ feeding. The machine is the first choice of pharmacy or food manufactories that want to pass the GMP certification, as it lightens the labor intension and solved problem of leakage.


1.This vacuum feeding machine can automatically transport products to the product hopper, pellet pressing machine, capsule filling machine, plastic injection molding machine, disintegrator, etc. and it can also be the feeding device of mixing machine (like V-style mixer, two-dimensions mixer, three-dimensions mixer).
2. The automatic vacuum conveyor is well composed of vacuum pump (non-oil & non-water), stainless-steel-made product sucking mouth, feeding tube, cloth filter (or 316 stainless steel filter), vibration cleaner (or compressed air blower), vacuum product hopper and product level control system.
3. There are some different between when vacuum feeding machine combined with packaging machine, pellet pressing machine and mixing machine respectively. Please advise your request when ordering.

Parameters of Automatic Vacuum Conveyor

Capacity (kg/h)
Power (kW)
400 kg/h
1.5 kW
600 kg/h
2.2 kW
1200 kg/h
3 kW
2000 kg/h
3.5 kW
3000 kg/h
4 kW
4000 kg/h
5.5 kW