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Automatic Powder Filling and Packing Machinery


Automatic powder filling and packaging machinery can finish the process of feeding, dosing, filling, and failed packs detect, delete automatically. The powder filling equipment has the functions of can support, vibration and dust extraction, which is packing with automatic can or bottle.


Automatic powder filling and packaging machinery is suitable for packaging powdery, grainy product, for instance, milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, icing sugar, dextrose, feed, coffee, solid medicament, powdery, grainy additive, dye, etc.


1. The machine uses Chinese/English touch screen and PLC control system. Auger is driven by servo motor.
3. The powder filling equipment can store at most 10 recipes for later use.
2. The functions of over-weight warning, error message display and failed packs detecting & deleting, which never let any reject to pass through, ensuring the packing quality.
4. Open-door hopper and humanization stirrup frame with reasonable mechanical structure are available. In addition, it is easy to change packaging varieties.
5. Feeding system has the functions of no-can-no-filling.

Parameters of Automatic Powder Filling and Packaging Machinery

Packing weight
10 to 5000g
Weighting range
1 to 6000g (with a resolution of 1g)
Packing precision
Packing speed
20 to 50 can /min
Power supply
380/220V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power of powder filling equipment
2 kW
500 kg
1750 × 2700 × 2300mm
Container Volume
Cylinder containers with a diameter of 50 to 180 mm and a height of 50 to 350 mm