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Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine (XF-LF)

Model: XF-LF


The electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine works based on the electromagnetic induction principle. It produces swirled and instant heat on the surface of the foil, so that the foil may stick to the bottle mouth and reaches the purpose of sealing bottles with sealed caps.


1. The sealing quality won’t be affected even if there is a small amount residual material left on the bottle mouth.
2. The automatic sealing machine avoids overflowing, moisture-proof, anti-mildew, extending the preservation time of the product in bottle, meets the GMP requirement.
3. Cooling system adopts double water-cooling cycle, to be cooling sensors and power module respectively.
4. Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine has self checking function, which can protect itself when the flowing pressure, temperature are over-standard.
5. The power can be adjusted. The machine has the advantage of fast sealing, strong sealing and easily install.
6. The machine can be used in the assembly line because of good separating quality of the aluminum foil and cardboard.
6. It can be matched with bottle-supply machine, bottle-eliminate machine, which can be divided into or combined.


Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine is applied to pharmacy, veterinary drugs, insecticides, food, brewing, flavor, cosmetic, lubricants, tourist novelty and cosmetic industries. At the same time, the machine has the function of sealing, anti-counterfeits and anti-theft.

Parameters of Automatic Sealing Machine

Powder supply
2 kW
Hole diameter
ф20 to 100 mm
Bottle height
30 to 260 mm
Special one can be customized
60 to 120pcs/min
180 kg
1800 × 500 × 1300 mm

Sealing Samples of Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine