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Automatic Strapping Machine (XFC-101A)

Model: XFC-101A


XFC101A automatic strapping machine has wide range for the strapping, which thickness could be between 0.55mm to 1.2mm, straightness is between 15% to 30% per meter, width between 12mm to 14.5mm, furthermore, special requirement can be accepted, temperature between -15℃ to 45℃, humidity between 10 to 90%, even under heavy dust, bad environment, it could keep good characteristics.


This XFC101A automatic strapping machine is used for bundle up the products, making them easy transporting or enhance the packing. It is also applicable for cartons, books and boxes.


1. The carton strapping equipment adopts qualified PLC control, and its cycle time could be accurate to 1 millisecond, which is adjustable according to the production speed.
2. Four types of strapping pattern can meet variety requirements.
3. OMRON PLC, France "TE” and photocell control are available to keeping good accuracy.

Parameters of XFC-101A Automatic Strapping Machine

Power supply
≤ 2.5second/roll
PP Strapping width
9 to 14mm
Working height
750 mm
Strap method of carton strapping equipment
Parrel 1-multi lines, method has the photo electricity control or manually
Overall dimension
1400 × 640 × 1420 mm
200 kg