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Automatic Self-adhesive Labeling Machine (XF-TB)

Model: XF-TB


The automatic selfadhesive labeling machine is applicable for labeling columned or square plastic bottles, glass bottles or similar containers in food, light, pharmacy and chemical industries. It has the characteristics of start buffering, high flexibility, stable speed, constant working voltage and anti-disturbance to ensure the labeling operation is precise, stable, reliable and high efficient.


1. The machine is driven by large drive step motor and equipped with advanced electromechanical integrating technique such as Japan OMRON optoelectronic control device and power source protection system. 2. Automatic self-adhesive label applicator is the best option to use the machine either as single unit or for production line.
3. The machine has the processes of feeding bottles and labels separating, labeling and legible batch numbers marking.
4. Achieve automatic labeling the adhesive label or adhesive film on round surface or small conical surface of the products, High labeling efficiency, accuracy and quality and stability.
5. The automatic self-adhesive labeling machine features high labeling efficiency, accuracy, quality and stability.
6. Avoid many problems of labor labeling, skew labeling, bubble, wrinkle, irregular labeling, etc.
7. Automatic self-adhesive label applicator lower product cost effectively, improves the product aesthetics and promotes product competitiveness.


1. Label applicable: adhesive paper label, transparent label, bar code, code label, etc.
2. Product applicable: round/flat/square/abnormal bottle/drum, box or small carton, etc.
3. Industries applicable: Chemical, Electric, Medicine, Plastic, and Cosmetic industries, etc.
4. Application examples: medicine bottles, shampoo flat bottle labeling, lubricants flat bottle labeling, labeling for round bottle of shampoo.

Parameter of Automatic Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

Labeling Range
Φ20 to 100 mm
Working Capacity
80 to 200B/MIN
The inside diameter of label-roll
Φ76 mm
The outside diameter of label-roll
Φ300 mm
The length of label
20 to 200 mm
The height of label
20 to 100 mm
200V/50HZ, 250W
1820 × 1100 × 1500 mm
200 kg

Automatic Self Adhesive Label Applicator for Flat Surface (XF-TB)


1. Automatic self-adhesive label applicator adopts the PLC control system, which make the running stable and high-speed.
2. The operating system uses the touch screen with the advantage of the easy operation, high efficiency.
3. The advanced pneumatic coding system, the coding character is clear and it is high speed is stable running.
4. It is suitable for labeling the flat surface of different products. Bottle press system makes the label more fixed.


Automatic selfadhesive label applicator is suitable for food, chemistry, cure, cosmetic, electrical industry, hardware, motor hardware, stationery, battery, tape, CD, box, kinds of oil, and other products of different specifications.

Parameters of Automatic Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

300 W
1800 × 700 × 1800mm
200 pcs/min
+1mm (except error between label and posted content)
Product height
1 to 100 mm (can be customized)
Product width
10 to 80 mm (can be customized)

Samples of Automatic Self-adhesive Label Applicator

Semi-auto Round Bottle Labeling Machine


Semiauto round bottle labeling machine is widely used in cosmetic, beverage, foodstuff, medicine industries, which can improve the productivity and labeling quality greatly. It is labeling for PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, metal bottle, self-adhesive label for round bottle, round jar, cylinder.


1. It is widely applicable for columned bottle with diameter of 15 to 150mm.
2. Labeling precision is high that the error is equal or lesser than ±0.5mm.
3. Feed with extrude equipment, just need to put product, and labeling automatically.
4. The machine switch easily for different product with adjustable detent.
5. Draught by time belt, the stability of the machine is improving greatly
6. Table top is designed with smart shape but powerful function.
7. Superb magic eyes are adopted to inspect the object and label with highly sensitivity.
8. Aluminum metal bracket and high quality electrical box make the machine more beautiful.

Parameters of Semi-auto Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Labeling precision
±0.5 mm
Working capacity
25 to 50 pieces/min
The outside diameter of label roll
≤250 mm
The inside diameter of label roll
≤76 mm
Product size
diameter 15 to150 mm
Label width
8 to 150 mm
label length
15 to 315 mm
Power Supply
220V, 50HZ
120 W
650 × 450 × 450 mm
25 kg