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Automatic Z Type Bucket Conveyor


Automatic Z type bucket conveyor is suitable for vertical lifting granule material in food, medicine, feed, chemical and other industries, it can be working with a combination of weigher, packaging machine, it is widely used in food packaging industry.


1. Automatic transfer bucket elevator hopper is made of food-grade plastic PP, which is safe and health.
2. The lifting height of the automatic Z type bucket conveyor can be customized according to customer requirements. The equipment failure rate is very low.
3. The rack adopts 304 # stainless steel structure with a high degree of security, which is particularly suitable for the food industry.
4. The control circuit and material level control achieve the automatic feeding and stop.

Parameters of Automatic Transfer Bucket Elevator

3 to 6m³/h
Hopper material
Food-grade plastic polyethylene (PE)
Lifting height of automatic Z type bucket conveyor
3100 mm