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Automatic Flow Wrapping Machine (XF-Z 320)

Model: XF-Z 320


We are a professional XFZ 320 automatic flow wrapping machine manufacturer in China. We have gained the recognition of a large number of clients through many years production experience and marketing and serving experience, and meanwhile we have accumulated abundant experience in terms of products.


Automatic flow packing equipment is applicable for packing various solid regular objects, such as biscuits, bread, instant noodle, ice cream, moon cake, candy, medicine, commodity, hardware parts, etc.


XF-Z 320 Automatic Flow Wrapping Machine
Film width
320 mm
Bag length
65 to 330 mm
Bag width
50 to 160 mm
Packing speed
40 to 230 bag/min
Power supply
220V, 50/60HZ, 2.6kW
Size of flow packing equipment
(L) × (W) × (H): 3770 × 720 × 1450 mm
850 kg
Air filling device for option

Packing Samples of XF-Z 320 Automatic Flow Wrapping Machine