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Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine (XFC-ZC)

Model: XFC-ZC


This XFCZC automatic pallet wrapping machine is used for wrapping up the products stacked on the pallet by stretch film, which could prevent the products falling from the pallet during transportation, and protect products from water and dust, easy transporting and storing. Automatic winding machine is widely used for food, beverage, chemistry, hardware, etc.

Features of Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

1. Automatic film attaching, cutting, smoothing and discharge after wrapping.
2. Turning speed, wrapping layers, and height could be adjusted
3. PLC control, touch screen operation is easy and clear.
4. Alarming for errors, and error information displays on the screen
5. Alarming and stops for lack of film or products not arrived.

Parameters of Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Wrapping size(L × W)
(500 to 1400)mm × (500 to 1200)mm
Packing Height(MAX)
1800mm or 2400mm
Turntable Speed
0-15rpm (The turning speed is adjustable and the turntable can be placed accurately.)
Turntable Loading(MAX)
Turntable Height
Conveying Speed
Conveying System
Roller, chain line or other structure is optional for dynamic conveyor
Film holder of automatic winding machine
Film Stretching frame, pre-stretch film at 250%, auto film feeding and its speed is adjustable.
Control System
PLC Control, check product’s height automatically, wrapping layer and time is adjustable.
Machine Weight(MAX)
Dimension (mm)
3000 × 2000 × 3000