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Automatic Egg Roll Filling Machine (XF-HWB)

Model: XF-HWB


The XFHWB automatic egg roll filling machine is the new type egg roll pillow filling equipment, which selects the international advanced technology and adopts the natural gas as the fuel. It is the newest fully automatic unit. This machine solves the high costs that caused by the old ones.


1. The Automatic filling equipment includes the mixing system, material filling system, cream filling system, layer system, transmitting system, cooling system etc.
2. XFHWB Automatic egg roll filling machine is composed of material cream making machine, oven baking machine, cream feeding machine, cream filling machine and the conveying belt.
3. The structure of the unit is good and can be operated steadily. The unit has been the ideal equipment for your investment.

Parameters of XF-HWB Automatic Egg Roll Filling Machine

150 to 200pcs/min, 20 to 30kg/hour
After cream filling: 40 to 60kg/hour
3500 kg
Area required
Total power of automatic filling equipment
6 kW
Consumption of natural gas 3 to 5kg/hour
2900 × 2300 × 2300 mm

Filling Samples of XF-HWB Automatic Egg Roll Filling Machine