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Volumetric Cup Dosing and Filling Machine (XF)

Model: XF


Shanghai Xingfei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer who designs and produces granule dosing and filling equipment (like volumetric cup dosing and filling machine), automatic vacuum conveyor (like automatic Z type bucket conveyor) as well as their drilling tools.


1. Measured by 6 group of measuring cup, which is suitable for granule materials with good mobility.
2. Adjusting volume by turning the bolt below the turntable.
3. When the inside and the outside of the measuring cup overlap, the capacity can reach the smallest. The upper and the lower of the adjustable rate is 30%.
4. We can provide a fixed or moving brush according to the different material to prevent debris.

Specifications of Volumetric Cup Dosing and Filling Machine

1. Measuring Range: 100 to 3000g (it also can be special made according to different demands)
2. Quantitative Speed: 20 to 80 times/min (adjustable)
3. Precision: ±1 to 2% (for 1kg salt)

Outline of Granule Dosing and Filling Equipment