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Automatic HFFS Packing Machine (XFS-180)



XFS180 automatic HFFS packing machine (horizontal form fill seal packing machine) is designed for middle size and small size bag, which adopts double working position for blanking. Our horizontal packing equipment is made up of bag-making, dosing, filling and sealing. And the wrapping material is all kinds of multilayer heat-sealable films.


The automatic HFFS packing equipment is widely used in the packing fields of food, pharmaceuticals, house chemicals, cosmetics, etc. And it is suitable for powdery, granular and liquid products. Threeside or fourside seal of pouch is available with kinds of blanking devices to packing different materials.


1. In packaging design, our XFS180 automatic HFFS packing machine has upright and elegant appearance without liquid, powder around the end seal.
2. All the actions are driven by air cylinder, which improve machine’s efficiency, applicability and stability.
3. Servomotor control system is available for going down film, so that we can adjust dimension of film randomly.
4. The horizontal packing equipment is controlled by PLC with human-machine interface display, which is easy to operate.
5. With the high sealing strength and firm package, there are never the ragged edges. It is the ideal choice for packing foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, and feedstuff industry.
6. Match with different filling head, the machine can pack powders, liquids, pastes, granule in three side or four side sealed sachets.
Technical Parameter

XFS-180 Automatic HFFS Packing Machine
Machine dimensions
3500 × 970 × 1500(L × W × H) mm
1400 kg
Electric supply
AC380V 50Hz
4.5 kW
Air supply
Air consumption
Packaging capacity
40 to 80ppm
Wide size
60 mm to 180 mm
High size
80 mm to 225 mm
Max filling capacity
400 ml

Packing Process of XFS-180 Automatic HFFS Packing Machine

1. Film unwind
4. Color scale detection
7. Tear notch
10. Pouch opening
13. Top seal
2. Film forming
5. Bottom seal
8. Cutting
11. FillingⅠ
14. Finished product
3. Film guide
6. Vertical seal
9. Pouch pulling
12. FillingⅡ
15. Outlet

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