Product List

Automatic Granule Filling and Packaging Machinery


Automatic granule filling machinery is used for filling granular product in bottles or cans.
The bottle filling and capping line is including the bottle feeder-weighing and filling machine-capping machine-labeling machine-aluminum foil induction sealing machine-bottle collector.
The cans filling line is consisting of the cans feeder—weighing and filling machine-cans sealing machine-ink printer-collector. In addition, the line can be customized.

Main Products of Automatic Granule Filling Machinery

1. Automatic Granule Filling and Packing Line
2. Automatic Z Type Bucket Conveyor
3. Automatic Vacuum Conveyor
4. Two Head Weighing and Filling Machine
5. Four Head Liner Weigher
6. Multi-head Weigher
7. 14 Head Weigher
8. Granule Volumetric Cup Dosing and Filling Machine
9. Automatic Granule and Powder Mixer

Application of Granule Filling and Packing Machine

Automatic granule filling machinery is suitable for granule like coffee, rice, snack like fruit chips French fries, etc.